Warning Lights That Your Positioning in the Market is Weak

Imagine you’ve gone through an entire sales process with a potential prospect and you somehow end up…

Imagine you’ve gone through an entire sales process with a potential prospect and you somehow end up losing the deal.

This comes as a shock because throughout the process it seemed as though this was a match made in heaven. Things all lined up…you get along great with the prospect and have amazing rapport.

Then a competitor somehow swoops in towards the end and wins the deal leaving you exhausted from expending all of those resources into a deal. Not to mention a little blow to your ego.

Has this happened to you before?

Well, it has happened to me and doesn’t leave you with a great feeling.

However, when I’ve looked back and reverse engineered the process there are some glaringly obvious signals that had gone unnoticed.

An extraordinary phenomenon occurs inside your head when you inherently believe that you’ll win a deal.  And it’s this…your mind starts bending the truth a little bit and you start to get a distorted version of reality.

It then becomes a domino effect where you make decisions based on that false reality.

My trusted advisor and dear friend, Dennis Humphrey, PhD describes it better than I can.

He says, “Michael, it’s like driving a car and when you see a warning light come up on your dashboard & you choose to ignore it thinking that everything will be ok. And then there are some folks that choose to put a piece of electric tape on it and keep going. Keep going that is until something breaks.“

Dr. Humphrey hit it right on the head. This happens more often then we like to admit during a sales process.

Author: Michael Stamatinos

After a short stint in the mental health field, I quickly found out clinical psychology wasn’t for me. I took on too much of the patient’s mental anguish and the thought of becoming a living receptacle to other peoples’ mental garbage just wasn’t for me.

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