A Shockingly Easy Way To Leverage Existing Connections To Get Quality Introductions To Ideal Clients

84% of B2B decision-makers start their purchase with a referral of some sort. Simply…

84% of B2B decision-makers start their purchase with a referral of some sort.

Simply put, no outbound lead you could ever generate in any other form will ever have the same quality as referral leads.

Although most know getting referrals is a great way to generate new business, often times it not executed enough.  What’s more, when you do ask for referrals the results can be mixed because of varying circumstances.

To illustrate, imagine you just sat down with a very happy client that’s over the moon about the products or services you’ve provided them. You also have a great working relationship in place.

Any properly trained professional sees an opportunity to gain a referral and therefore you ask, “Who else do you know that I might be able to help, just like how I helped you?”

Sounds normal, right?

The response you get might not always be what you expect.  In a perfect world, you walk out of there with a list of names, contacts, phone, etc.

Let me get real for a minute…there have been instances in my career when the response has been one of abundance and on the other hand, I’ve also experienced the other side of the spectrum where you get the “blank” stare.

Has that happened to you before?

If it hasn’t, I’ll be writing my next article on “Denial” next week.

Where was I, oh the blank stare.  It’s has happened more times than I’d like to admit.  With that being said, I started tinkering around and landed on something shocking.

Author: Michael Stamatinos

After a short stint in the mental health field, I quickly found out clinical psychology wasn’t for me. I took on too much of the patient’s mental anguish and the thought of becoming a living receptacle to other peoples’ mental garbage just wasn’t for me.

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