How To Use LinkedIn to Build Better Relationships with Journalists

What do you think could happen if you were to be featured in a top-tier publication?Could…

What do you think could happen if you were to be featured in a top-tier publication?

Could it create broader awareness and give your company credibility and recognized as a leader in your industry?

You bet.

I’m sure you’ve seen it done before where PR can be used to drive qualified leads. And in order to get all of this coverage, it definitely helps to have an interesting and unique point of view on a product or service.

Harvard Business Review reports that major news outlets generally get three times the average amount of email in pitches alone. There is a lot of noise, and most of it is irrelevant to the topics that each journalist covers.

Evidence shows that odds aren’t in your favor to have a large top tier publication to approach you for a story. Now I’m not ruling it out completely…there just isn’t a high probability for it to occur regularly.

There are a few ways to grab the attention of journalists:

1. You can either choose to pay someone to have access to those relationships (hence PR firms)  

2. You could go about building your own relationships on LinkedIn, which does take time and hard work to establish.  

In the end, it boils down to starting off relationships on the right foot and building from that solid foundation.

And who knows, you just might end up catching that big break just after all.  Only this time, it’ll be because you’ve strategically made it happen vs. relying on chance.

Author: Michael Stamatinos

After a short stint in the mental health field, I quickly found out clinical psychology wasn’t for me. I took on too much of the patient’s mental anguish and the thought of becoming a living receptacle to other peoples’ mental garbage just wasn’t for me.

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