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Social Media is Supposed to Give me More Access to Decision Makers Which Turn into Real Revenue Opportunities

Selling & marketing in healthcare is getting harder, not easier.


Have you broadcasted, with the “hope” that someone sees your posts & that you’ll get enthusiastically contacted to inquire about your product or services?


Sure it can happen from time to time, but for a consistent high-growth sales strategy, that’s simply a pipe dream.


It’s kind of like the fantasy that we dream about sometimes hoping that a news reporter from a major news outlet will do a full profile on us and our business because we believe the general public wants to know about it.


People join social networking websites to socialize. They don’t want to be bombarded with being “pitched” just after they “friended” you.

Social Media Is A Portion of Your Sales Process…Not Your Entire Sales Process

Social Media is merely a medium in which you can choose to communicate to your customers and potential customers. What matters is that it is placed within your sales process and measured in a way that can determine both ROI and more importantly, your Return On Time.

You measure the effectiveness of social media by measuring how many authentic conversations took place each month as a result of your strategic efforts. Then, determine how many of those conversations turned into revenue.

“Random Selling” is No Longer A Sustainable Strategy


Which leads me to believe that if you’re planning on marketing and selling the same way you did last year, you’re in for a rude awakening this year.


What used to be a simple transaction, speak with a potential customer and then make the sale, has become a faint memory of how it “used to be”.


When you boil it down, Random Selling is what happens when all the options around you reach the point where they all appear to have equal importance & you’re operating in chaos mode.


Doing “activities” for the sake of doing activities. The choices seem endless and not matter what you do, it seems as though you’re not gaining enough traction. Everything seems equally important; when in reality they are not.

How About a New Idea to Think About?


I tend to look at things more holistically. More often than not, people tend to chase prospects mostly because there wasn’t a clear understanding at the beginning.


In the old economy, you might have been taught to assume the sale. In the new economy, the currency that must be exchanged in order for any transaction to occur is trust. Assuming the sale kills trust.


You need to COMPLETELY change the way you sell, especially when it comes to your strategic approach across social media platforms.


Doing things randomly without any calculated efforts or precision will lead to wasting resources, time & little results.