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Joining boards in my industry and being more ‘visible’ should get me more decision makers and status that will move my business forward

Working on boards gives executives unique access to business leaders across the region and provides the opportunity to demonstrate professional value through meaningful participation in board meetings.


As a result, you might secure new business leads and/or networking opportunities that will help further your current career.


However, it’s time dispel an important myth that could be holding your healthcare solutions provider business back from a high-six figure or seven-figure income.


Often times I hear this from healthcare solutions providers whom I advise and mentor:


“Michael, I’m already on several board in my industry and a well known figure which should help me get more business”.

Just because you join several boards, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get more business beating a path towards your door.


If you just want to make business contacts, there are way easier ways to network than to commit to multiple hours of board and committee meetings, and thousands of dollars.


And you will not—I mean really NOT—make a good impression if you merely do the bare minimum, and also start promoting yourself and your business.


And just because you’re an active member on a number of boards, that won’t necessarily always be the vehicle that gets you to be that trusted authority.


Too many healthcare solutions providers get too comfortable with what they already know.


Because they are highly competent, have a solid business background and have successful client case studies under their belt (credibility), they feel that’s all they need to do is successfully acquire new clients at a steady pace.


They “cruise” on their own competence, so-to-speak.


That would be just fine, if they were the ONLY ones in their market who had that kind of credibility.


The problem is, the majority of Healthcare Solutions Providers in this country already have an acceptable level of credibility.


News flash: credibility has been commoditized.


As Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE said: “If there is more change going on outside your business than what is happening inside your business…the END IS NEAR”.