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If I can get to my decision maker, I can speed up the sales cycle

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

If you’ve been exposed to the sales world in one form or the other, you’ve probably heard of the infamous “Show & Tell”.

That’s where you’re invited to come to your prospect’s office and make a presentation in the hopes you’ll persuade them to buy what you have.

One thing that I remember from my first sales training class when I was working in door-to-door sales for an office supply & equipment distributor in NYC is the in-house “sales guru” emphatically teaching us that we need to be ENTHUSIASTIC about our products and that everyone needs what we have.

He said, “When you’re in front of a prospect or on the phone with them, you need to sound enthusiastic, have “up” energy, or else you’ll lose the sales momentum.”

And the infamous Law of Average…call on 40-50 businesses a day, speak to 8-10 decision makers and open 3-5 new accounts a day.

Talk about old school.

What happens, in this day and age, when you call a prospect on the phone and what they hear is incredible enthusiasm and excitement?