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My Business is Differentiated so Clearly and we are in a Category of One

If you’ve already started thinking about making a sale prior to understanding the core issues going on with your potential client, it’s likely to be over at “hello.”  The sooner you start, the more value you will create in your business, regardless of whether or not you want to sell it or whether the notion of “selling” is even in your consciousness.


Prior to getting to a decision maker it starts with taking an inward look at your platform and the messaging you’re conveying to your prospects.


Getting crisp messaging starts with a short exercises – one for you and one for the business, and both work in tandem.


Current Trends in Healthcare Solutions Provider Space


Just look at any healthcare solution provider marketing out there today – they all say use the same buzzwords…”reduce hospital readmissions”, “optimize operations”, “improve efficiency”, just to name a few.  These same buzzwords are used whether it’s product or service related. No wonder why executives and decision makers get confused because everyone is saying the same thing and there’s simply too much noise in the market place.


This completely erodes the ability to gain traction or trust for that matter. Your prospective customers hear the exact same messages from virtually all businesses in your space and they begin to find it impossible to distinguish one from another. When the healthcare world was less commoditized, conveying trust was enough to make the sale.


If you aren’t feeling the commoditization of the Internet on your business (i.e. web leads only shopping you for price, being compared to a competitor one click away, getting no respect when you are really trying to help someone, etc.), then you will realize this very soon. You will find that the web leads to potential clients only shopping on price.


Even though you might think your potential clients are comparing you to someone else, the reality is, they aren’t comparing you, what they’re really doing is RANKING you based on how much they trust you and how much authority you convey.


The other half is, you clearly and succinctly convey authority and “market ownership” positioning in the niche that you do business.


And by authority, I don’t mean trying to find something about your product that is different (almost impossible, since your nearest competitors can make the same claims as you), I’m talking about the total separation from you and your competitors based on your potential clients being drawn into your world as a “safe” place where by default, you are the best choice for them.


Authority is synonymous with positioning. Creating a sacred space in which you operate and can say that you are undeniably the best in that space gives you leverage along with a psychological edge.

The most effective way to be different from your competitors is to refocus the marketing message back onto the consumer and not on your business.


Virtually all your marketing efforts should be focused on the key concerns, issues, and worries of the people you are trying to attract.


You might want to consider thinking long and hard on what’s distinctly unique about what you offer and then proceed to make the apples to oranges comparison.


What can your customers perceive you to be best in the world at?